Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Blog paused

Hey guys!

I ll update the blog in the future. But right now it isn't giving me any motivation and its even hard to find motivation to write anything down, besides the results. I m still playing poker and things are fine :)

Friday, 31 October 2014

October results

Hey guys,

this month started with a few problems but i managed to play solid in the 2nd half of the mont. Playing mostly deep tables at 25nl results in a high winrate since i like deep tables and my opponents mistakes get punished way harder than for a 100bb stack.

Numbers so far:

50nl/pl          28.457 hands       7,05bb/100 ev
25nl/pl          18.215 hands     20,20bb/100 ev

Vpps:                      7.544
Played:                   102,07 hours
+  2126$ cashgame winnings
+    296$ fpp value
+      75$ stellar reward value
+        6$ tournament winnings
= +2503$

Graph of October 2014:

Thursday, 30 October 2014

PokerStars announces rake increase

Hey guys!

After FullTiltPoker was bought by PokerStars, it was only a matter of time until they start to increase the rake and reduce the bonus since there is no other big company to play poker at.

The changes mostly hit the sng player.
Also a fun fact is that regs contacted PokerStars and asked to put the multiplier at the Spin&Go´s from 2000x down to 1000x, to reduce the variance. Well, they will increase it to 3000x.

Here is the post on 2+2:


Friday, 24 October 2014

Breakfast in Thailand :)

The scorpions legs, tail and arms taste like crunchy chips. The body is like an old sausage where only the outside got hard, and the inside is a grey substance that tastes funny. Its hard to describe.

The grasshopper taste like chips because they get fried with salt and oil. I didn´t taste the worms since i assume they are soft on the inside.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Half of October is done

Hey guys,

nothing special did happen so far. A few friends from Germany came to visit so i did not play as much as i liked. Also i had some strange days on 50nl where i just dropped 10 stacks; therefor a funny graph.

Numbers so far:

50nl/pl             9.157 hands      -0,46bb/100 ev
25nl/pl           13.490 hands     16,62bb/100 ev

Vpps:                      3.151
Played:                   46,63 hours
+    695$ cashgame winnings
+    124$ fpp value
+     32$ stellar reward value
+       2$ tournament winnings
= +853$

Graph of the first 15 days of October 2014:

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

September: playing meh, running lol

Hey guys!

The poker gods decided to let me run a lot of stacks under ev but most of the problem was the 2nd half of the month. As u can see in the graph, i played the first two weeks of the month solid, but fucked up the rest of the month. Also i should quit playing some tourneys on Sundays because it ends mostly in waste of time and is not really my thing since i prefer cashgame.

Numbers so far:

50nl/pl          30.554 hands       7,07bb/100 ev
25nl/pl            7.975 hands     26,47bb/100 ev

Vpps:                      7.680
Played:                   82,21 hours
+    416$ cashgame winnings
+    302$ fpp value
+     77$ stellar reward value
-      89$ tournament losings
= +706$ (lol winningplayer)

Graph of September 2014:

Monday, 15 September 2014

15 days into September!

Hey guys,

i wasn´t playing the first 6 days this month since i was busy; but on the other hand i was running a lot of stacks under ev to ruin the results completely! :)
I also started to coach a friend of mine who is playing 25nl right now and wants to move up to 50nl and above. We discuss hands,  make some liveplay and improve his game. In return i will get 20% of his winnings including rakeback.

Overall i am really happy with my game and hopefully i can make the same comeback like last month.

Numbers so far:

50nl/pl          19.334 hands     12,38bb/100 ev
25nl/pl            2.511 hands     24,18bb/100 ev

Vpps:                      4.709
Played:                   43,33 hours
+      20$ cashgame winnings
+    185$ fpp value
+     47$ stellar reward value
-      89$ tournament losings
= +163$

Graph of the first 2 weeks of September 2014:

Friday, 5 September 2014

August: playing bad, running good

Hey guys!

The poker gods decided to let me run a lot of stacks above ev even when i was playing not that good at all. I had some days with +10 stacks up, followed by a few break even days. Overall i m happy with the outcome, but realise that most of it was luck.

Numbers so far:

50nl/pl          34.631 hands       3,97bb/100 ev
25nl/pl            4.051 hands     23,45bb/100 ev

Vpps:                      7.570
Played:                   74,15 hours
+ 2.530$ cashgame winnings
+    297$ fpp value
+     76$ stellar reward value
-      22$ tournament losings
= +2.881$

Graph of August 2014:

Monday, 25 August 2014

The last 1 million hands

Inspired by a blogger, i also want to post my last 1kk hands on pokerstars. This time without sick paint skills. Mostly 50nl, also 100nl and 25nl.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Half of August is done

Hi guys!

I spent 5 days in Cambodia because a friend of mine requested his business-visum and i came along for a few days of vacation. I didn't take a lot of pictures of the city Phnom Penh because i got always sick the day after we made party.

I wasn't able to play a lot of poker since i was only playing on 9 days, yet the results are a little bit weak so far. But there are still two weeks left to turn this month around.

 A temple in the middle of the city; i took the picture while driving on the tuk-tuk.

 "Winter Melon Tea", also called cucumber tea :). tastes better than it looks

Numbers so far:

50nl/pl          18.099 hands       2,53bb/100 ev
25nl/pl            1.256 hands     11,58bb/100 ev

Vpps:                      3.820
Played:                   36,53 hours
+ 581$ cashgame winnings
+ 150$ fpp value
+   38$ stellar reward value
+   20$ tournament winnings
= +789$

Graph of the first 15 days of August 2014:

Monday, 4 August 2014

Never overplay quads!

Just a random funny hand i played today:

Holdem Manager No-Limit Hold'em, $0.50 BB (3 handed

SB ($50.25)
BB ($40.21)
NicoleOA (Button) ($50)

Preflop: NicoleOA is Button with ,
NicoleOA raises to $1.50, 1 fold, BB calls $1

Flop: ($3.25) , , (2 players)
BB checks, NicoleOA bets $2.50, BB calls $2.50

Turn: ($8.25) (2 players)
BB checks, NicoleOA bets $6, BB calls $6

River: ($20.25) (2 players)
BB checks, NicoleOA bets $14.50, BB raises to $30.21 (All-In), NicoleOA calls $15.71

Total pot: $80.67 | Rake: $1.25

Results below:
NicoleOA had , (straight flush, five high).
BB had , (four of a kind, tens).
Outcome: NicoleOA won $79.42

Thursday, 31 July 2014

July: back on track, FREDY BULLIT and fever

Hey guys,

today is my day off, so i ll give my July-update one day earlier than usual.

The month went pretty well, considering the fact that i only play 25nl +50nl and not that many hands. I was going to get back on my old limits, but got a bad fever in the last few days what keeps me busy and didn't let me play my a-game.

I also was thinking about a FREDY BULLIT anniversary posts on the 16th, but i think its time to give the poor guy a break.

Numbers of July:

50nl/pl          28.247 hands     13,93bb/100 ev
25nl/pl          18.590 hands     13,36bb/100 ev

Vpps:                      7.614
Played:                   89,72 hours
+2.751$ cashgame winnings
+   299$ fpp value
+   126$ stellar reward value
= +3.176$

Graph of  July 2014: (i m not lazy, thats just the real graph)